Coco Bean is so excited to announce that on Wednesday, July 17th, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, we will be holding a dinner and screening the film Code Blue: Redefining the Practice of Medicine. This event is hosted by us, Coco Bean, and The Triangle Vegetarian Society. Vegan Flava will be donating a fully catered dinner PLUS we will also have wine and cupcake pairings with Taylor Sweets! All are welcome and a suggested $5 donation covers all of it! Through her documentary Marcia Marchado follows Dr. Saray Stancic on her journey from a chronic, disabling disease to healing through the adoption of a wellness lifestyle. Dr. Stancic shows us how our current society is influenced by greed and manipulation, all orchestrated to keep us sick. Since the formation of the American Medical Association in 1847, medical treatment has been symptomatic and is not based on treating the cause of illness. Natural medicine, though effective, was not considered profitable and was discredited upon the formation of the AMA. It’s crazy to me that pharmaceutical companies can get away with creating all these drugs that include a whole plethora of side effects that ultimately make us sicker. You could argue that a lot of these medications have helped you, and I know they have helped me but the point is that these ailments wouldn’t be here to begin with if we were educated on how to properly fuel and heal our own bodies. Would you change your habits to live a longer, healthier life? code blue provides the prescription to do just that. - Dr. Stancic goes on to talk about the changes that she made to her nutrition and the nutritional training that she hopes will be added to the education of our future medical professionals. What is so beautiful about the truth that food is medicine is that we are empowered to heal ourselves the way we are meant to. The tides are changing, we are waking up, educating ourselves and there will be a day when dairy is no longer considered the “norm” and animal agriculture will be a thing of the past. We really hope to see you all at the screening and we are excited to hear your ideas about food as medicine!!!! Check out more about Code Blue: Redefining the Practice of Medicine: Also, check out all of us amazing people below!!!  Coco Bean Coffee Shop: Triangle Vegetarian Society: Vegan Flava Café: Taylor Street Sweets:! Be Conscious. Be Compassionate. Be Healthy.